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Friday, November 26, 2004

Thanksgiving Day Thoughts

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day. It was a great day. Cauleen and I spent the day with our daughter Dee and son-in-law Iain. David, Jr and Tannis spent time with Tannis's family.

We had a really good Thanksgiving dinner out at one of the local restaurants. More than we could eat. Really well prepared. Atmosphere was top notch. All-in-all, a really good experience.

After, we went to a movie, National Treasure. This reminded me of the Indiana Jones movies. It was fun and a really good movie.

Throughout the day, I had personal thoughts of why I am thankful. I had great parents. They instilled values, that at the time I would never understand, but as I grow older and wiser, I appreciate more each day. The home life was stable. My brother, Bruce, and Mom and Dad, and I would eat at the dinner table. We watched TV together. We argued, we played. And, as I reflect, we loved each other very much.

Other thoughts included those Soldiers from 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry (STRYKER) returning home from Iraq, and able to spend Thanksgiving with their families. Deployed for a year, they missed a lot. They lost 20 soldiers to the cause. I was thankful of their efforts to support Freedom for a stifled population. I am with sorrow for the sacrifice of the 20 that were lost. As another STRYKER Brigade deployed to take their place, I am thankful that we live in The Greatest Nation On Earth, and I keep in my thoughts, ALL those that cannot be home with families on Thanksgiving day.

There are many more thoughts about Thanksgiving, I just wanted to share a few. For those that read this, I hope you have your personal thoughts as well.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Signing Off. Until next time, I'll see ya on the Blog! drh.