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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

iPod Stuff

How about an iPod Coffee Table. Now, this is really cool. I would probably trip of the "Ear Bud" feet, but it is really neat. Ashley Burrows designed and built it as a project for his A-level Design Technology course.

"The headphones were made from two separate pieces of pine on the wood turning lathe I then screwed the two together and countersunk the screws. I would also have added the wheel and made the other two legs USB connectors if I had more time."

If this is too much, how about getting your honey an iPod Bag. This is pretty nice. For $69.00, this is a relatively cheap accessory for your iPod. I have to agree with J-Walk though, "Nothing says 'snatch my purse' better."

Speaking of purse snatching, or crime in general, over a CNN.com, there is this article about how the iPod has inspired an increase in subway crime.
Police told the city transportation board on Wednesday that 50 iPods have been reported stolen on the subways so far this year, compared to none during the same period last year.