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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Outdated Brewskis Used To Feed Iowa Cows

I heard this story while listening to Paul Harvey News today:

NORWAY, Iowa -- This brewski's for Bessie.

In hopes of raising a better bovine, eastern Iowa farmers are spiking their cattle feed with beer. Cattleman Robert Miller said the cows like the beer so much that they don't want to eat their feed dry.

It started about a year ago when a Cedar Rapids beer distributor, Fleck Sales, contacted Fisher's Feed and Fertilizer in the town of Norway.

The owner, Jack Fisher, said Fleck Sales asked if he would be interested in free beer that had outlived its shelf life to use as cattle feed. Fisher took them up on the offer.

Researchers say the outdated beer has vitamins, minerals and proteins that are good for the cows. It's commonly used in cattle feed in Japan and Canada.

Of course, giving beer to cattle could give a new meaning to cow-tipping.

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(via KIROTV)

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