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Monday, December 06, 2004

Today -- December 6, 2004

Today's Quote:

If we give, we are made rich. If we forget ourselves, we find peace. If we forgive, we receive forgiveness. If we die, we receive eternal resurrection. Saint Francis
Today's Definition: adumbrate

SYLLABICATION: ad·um·brate
TRANSITIVE VERB: Inflected forms: ad·um·brat·ed, ad·um·brat·ing, ad·um·brates
1. To give a sketchy outline of.
2. To prefigure indistinctly; foreshadow.
3. To disclose partially or guardedly.
4. To overshadow; shadow or obscure.
ETYMOLOGY: Latin adumbrre, adumbrt-, to represent in outline : ad-, ad- + umbra, shadow. OTHER FORMS:
adum·bration —NOUN
ad·umbra·tive (-dmbr-tv) —ADJECTIVE
ad·umbra·tive·ly —ADVERB

(via Bartleby.com)

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