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Friday, February 04, 2005

CD vs. Downloaded Music

Go over to Ed Bott's site and read an interesting and informative log of the benefits of buying CDs and ripping them instead of downloading from the various music sites. This is especially good information if, like many people, you don't backup your music/data/etc. very often and you lose it. The bottom line is this: If you purchase music from many of the music download sites, and later lose your music due to system crash, etc, you will have to pay to download that music again.

Ed mentions a number of ways to purchase CDs, to include the used CD market via Amason and others. Another way I can think of it to go to your Public or School Library. Many of the libraries have CDs available to checkout for FREE!

The link to Ed's log is here. I, for one, am going to go through a process of copying my CD collection into digital format (probably via an external hard drive). This will hopefully serve a dual purpose, 1) I will be able to find music I have long forgotten about, and 2) I will be able to create customized playlists to download to portable formats (CD, MP3, etc).

I can't begin to tell you how many CDs I have at home, but the list is long. I don't even know when I am going to start the process, but I will. It should be fun (and time consuming since I will have to do this in the evenings and on weekends).

Signing Off. Until next time, I'll see ya on the Blog! drh.