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Thursday, February 03, 2005

What I'm reading (listening, to) -- Part 2

I just finished listening to The DaVinci Code. A very good book. If you are a fan of the quest for the Holy Grail, you will like this version.

The book was a fast listen, probably because I had the "Abridged" version. I need to get the "Unabridged" version and listen again. I think there was quite a lot left out after the abridgment.

I started State of Fear by Michael Crichton today. So far, so good. Will keep you posted.

UPDATE (February 3, 2005): An EXCELLENT book. Very well written and read. If you are on the fence as far as environmental issues are concerned, read or listen to this book. It's long, and in places, really drawn out, but the story is good. The hardcover version is footnoted and has numerous graphs and drawings. I am sure you will enjoy this book.

Signing Off. Until next time, I'll see ya on the Blog! drh.