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Friday, May 13, 2005

BRAC List is Out

UPDATE May 13, 2005

The Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) recommendation list is released. So, what's next?
--The Commision reviews, and conducts interviews and prepares a final recommendation to the President by September 8th.
--The President has until September 23rd to accept or reject the Commission's recommendations in their entirety.
--If accepted, Congress has 45 days (legislative) to reject the list in its entirety. If not, the DoD is bound by the decisions.

The Washington Post has the story here, and a complete list of recommended closures here, with a detailed list here.

The New York Times has stories here, and here.

See also the DoD BRAC site here, and the Medical BRAC Recommendations for the National Capital Region Fact Sheet.

More at Fox News here, and below:
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(Via Military.com)

The Base Closure Shuffle
By Robert Hough
Military.com Staff Writer
May 10, 2005
This is the fifth round of base closures that has seen 97 bases shut down since 1988. Major criteria to determine if bases stay open focus on the current and future value they can provide. The latest word from the Pentagon is that about 10 to 15 percent of the nation's 425 major installations could be on the list.

Hit List For Army Bases Comes Into Focus
Associated Press
May 10, 2005

Despite the hue and cry in Congress about closing bases while the nation is at war, analysts argue that it is an ideal time to see what's really needed. Previous base closure rounds dealt with hypotheticals and dire descriptions of World War III in Europe; this one is facing the reality of conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This BRAC Round Could Spark Smaller Retiree Migration
By Tom Philpott
May 5, 2005

The size of retiree migrations from past BRAC rounds is a mystery. Defense officials who oversee installations say they have no such data. Neither does the Government Accountability Office, which carefully has studied the impact of previous BRAC rounds
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