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Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Donald and the Towers

AFP/Timothy Clary
Real estate developer Donald Trump holds a news conference in New York as he stands next to a nine-foot model of his proposed Twin Towers II, an alternative to the Freedom Tower design that was approved by the city to be built on Ground Zero.(AFP/Timothy Clary)

Via Right Wing News

A great post here
Say what you want about Donald Trump, the man made a name for himself (and a fortune) building snazzy skyscrapers and he has the right idea about rebuilding the Twin Towers:
I agree with the Donald. I think the Towers should rise like the Phoenix. It should send a statement, "You can't keep us down!" Rebuild the Twin Towers. If you want to build some sort of memorial like the new design depicts, so be it, but build the Twin Towers again and let's move on.