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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Head to Vermont!

Looking for something to do this Summer. You only have until October to enjoy the rest of Moosefest in Bennington Vermont.

This event runs from May through October. Apparently this is the first year of Moosefest, and the organizers are expecting some 200,000 visitors. There are 57 life-size Moose exhibits as well as other Arts and Crafts type stuff.

Moosefest-Bennington Vermont - May-October 2005

Make tracks to Bennington, Vermont....... Yes.... A whole herd of Marvelous Moose- zany, colorful, humorous, delightful, charming, wonderful Moose are coming to Bennington in 2005! Moosefest 2005 will offer events and promotions from May 2005-October 2005 throughout the Bennington, Vermont area. Patrons & Artists will be promoted in print, on the web, at events & in the streets!!