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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Combat Medic Signs Up for Third Tour

Here is a Soldier with a mission. He has already been deployed for a year, and has begun a second consecutive tour, and in February 2006, he will start a third consecutive tour. At present, he is talking to his leadership to see if he can stay until his ETS in 2009.
BALAD, Iraq, July 28, 2005 —
Soldiers look at deployment in many different ways. Some see it as a way of furthering their careers and some see it as a steppingstone to financial security. However, one soldier sees it as an opportunity to make a difference and he plans to make that difference as long as the Army will let him.
Good luck to U.S. Army Specialist Jonathan Laureles. I would say "Stay out of Harm's way" but as a Medic, that is not always possible. Be safe. Keep your helmet on and watch your six, and HOOAH!!!