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Sunday, December 26, 2004

On Death

Well, the day after Christmas, and I had a thought about Death. According to Death Clock, my personal "Day of Death" is March 5, 2041. Since I listed my "Mode" as Optimistic, I guess this would bear out that I will die when I am in my early 90's. I LIKE that thought. Of course, if my mode is Pessimistic, I have been dead since November 12, 1995, or October 3, 1996, yuou pick and decide.

The whole exercise is rather ridiculous. The computer CANNOT predict your Personal Date of Death anymore than you, or your spouse, or your Doctor can. I guess the thing too keep in mind is that you must maintain a certain healthy lifestyle (I have stared to change my life style late in life) in order to meet the long term goal -- Long Life.

So, check out the Death Clock if you must, but don't let it dictate your life. There is only ONE BEING that can predict your Personal Day of Death, and when you run out of OH OHs, you will know it.

Signing Off. Until next time, I'll see ya on the Blog! drh.