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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The "One Trip to the Salad Bar" Workaround

Salad bar hacking

Picture 1-1 This is the best thing I've seen in a long while. Robyn Miller sez: "This is a photo from a Chinese PDF manual. The manual explains, via text and a lot of fun photos, how to cram as much food as possible on one of those tiny Pizza Hut bowls at the salad bar. They're only allowed one trip. My cousin lives in Beijing. When he goes to Pizza Hut, he says this is what most people are busy building." (Click image for enlargement)

UPDATE: Kurt Groetsch sez: "Two more photos of salad bowl extensions here and here. They made the rounds of the office when I was working in Beijing."

Gregory Lam sez: I have a friend of mine who currently lives and works in China, described the same phenomenon here. "I quote: 'For one price (I think it's approximately 20 RMB), you get a single trip to the salad bar. You get a medium-sized soup bowl to put your salad in. Of course, this is a challenge any structural engineer would love to take upon: putting the most salad you can in this small bowl. I saw people at the salad bar for 5-7 minutes just trying to force more and more salad into their bowl. The highest salad I saw must have rose 9 inches off the top of the bowl.'

"The reason is, Western food is quite expensive in China. Pizza Hut is actually considered to be upscale dining!"

(Originally posted 12/10/2004 at BoingBoing: The Directory of Wonderful Things)

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