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Thursday, May 26, 2005

On this Day

Thursday, May 26th
The 146th day of 2005
There are 219 days left in the year

Today's Highlights in History

On May 26, 1868, the Senate impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson ended with his acquittal as the Senate fell one vote short of the two-thirds majority required for conviction. (Go to article)

On May 26, 1907, John Wayne, the American actor famous for his roles in western movies, was born. Following his death on June 11, 1979, his obituary appeared in The Times. (Go to obituary)

On May 26, 1860, Harper's Weekly featured a cartoon about the first Japanese diplomatic mission to the United States. (See the cartoon and read an explanation)

Reference: The New York Times

(The following Via Iraq War Today)

Today in History

961 - German King Otto II crowned
1798 - British troops kill about 500 Irish insurgents at the Battle of Tara.
1805 - Lewis & Clark first see the ocky Mountains; Napoleon is crowned king of Italy.
1824 - Brazil is recognized by the U.S.
1861 - The Union blockades New Orleans & Mobile.
1864 - The territory of Montana is formed.
1865 - Battle of Galveston, TX.
1868 - President Andrew Johnson avoids impeachment by 1 vote.
1896 - The last Czar of Russia, Nicholas II, is crowned.
1922 - Lenin suffers a stroke.
1924 - President Coolidge signs the Immigration Law (restricting immigration).
1937 - San Francisco Bay's Golden Gate Bridge opens.
1941 - An Ark Royal airplane sights the German battleship Bismarck.
1942 - The Nazis require Belgian Jews to wear a Jewish star; The African corps faces the British Army in a tank battle at Bir Hakeim.
1943 - Jews riot against Germany in Amsterdam.
1944 - 82nd Airborne division landsat La Haye du Puits to Ste Mère Eglise (D-Day).
1945 - The U. S. fire bombs Tokyo.
1946 - A patent is filed in the U.S. for the H-Bomb
1948 - The entire Hagana armed forces are sworn-in as Israeli soldiers; South Africa elects a nationalist government with an apartheid policy.
1961 - A USAF bomber flies the Atlantic in a record of just over 3 hours.
1981 - A Marine jet crashes on the flight deck of the USS Nimitz, killing 14; Soyuz T-4 returns to Earth.
1987 - Supreme Court rules that dangerous defendants can be held without bail.

1566 - Mohammed III, Sultan of Turkey
1835 - Confederate Artillery Brigadier General Edward Porter Alexander
1867 - Mary queen, of Great Britain/North Ireland
1877 - Sadao Araki, Japanese general/minister of War
1899 - Pieter Menten, Dutch war criminal
1903 - Estes Kefauver (Senator-TN)
1910 - Adolfo Lopez Mateos, President of México
1924 - Cooper Evans (Representative-IA)
1951 - Muhammed Ahmad Faris Syria, cosmonaut (Soyuz TM-3); Sally Kristen Ride, first U.S. woman astronaut (STS-7, STS 41G)
1968 - Frederik, Heir Apparent Crown Prince of Denmark

1421 - Mohammed I, sultan of Turkey
1512 - Bajezid II, Governor of Amasja/8th Sultan of Turkey, dies
1818 - Michael A. Barclay de Tolly, Russian field marshal/War Minister
1883 - Abd el-Kader, Algerian sultan/religious ruler
1939 - Cornelis J. Cutters, supreme commander of Navy
1996 - Halka Grossman, resistance fighter/politician

Reported Missing in Action
Glandon, Gary A., USAF (TN)
Griffey, Terrance H., USAF (IA)

Mecleary, Read Blaine USN (CT) - Released by DRV March, 1973 - alive and well in 1998