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Friday, May 20, 2005

Tech News

So, back in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell sent his first telephone message. I wonder what he would think of his invention today.

Alexander Graham Bell opens New York-Chicago phone line, 1892 A group of businessmen watch inventor Alexander Graham Bell as he opens the New York-Chicago telephone line, 16 years after he sent his first telephone message. Photo was probably taken in New York.

© Bettmann/CORBIS/The New York Times Photo Archives

How about wireless headphones or pair of sunglasses with a wireless headset:

Or a Tripod for your Camera Phone:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

How about the Nokia N91 multimedia phone can hold over 3,000 songs

(Photo: Nokia)

And if the advances in telephone technology don't get you, how about A High-Tech Barbecue Thermometer

By ANDREW ZIPERN With the Grill Alert Talking Remote Thermometer, you just stick a stainless steel probe into your sizzling meat and wait for the remote thermometer to beep.

Now I need one of these.

As for the other toys, the Tripod looks cool as do the sunglasses, but I think I'll just try to learn how to use my current cell phone.