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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Washington State and the Election

It's still going on. We had an election in November, Dino Rossi, the Republican, won. We had a recount, Dino Rossi, the Republican won. There was another "Hand" recount, and this time, Christine Gregoire, the Democrat, won. The race was close enough, per State law, to require the recounts.

The debate has continued. Voter fraud; felons voting; uncounted absentee ballets; recounted ballots that were lost, then found; on and on and on. . .

It's in the courts now, so we shall see.

I really do not believe in the "Mail-in" ballot or the mass use of "Absentee" voting. If you need to vote absentee, then the ONLY reason, in my opinion, is that you are not present to vote in person. To mail in a ballot, just because it is easier, or more convenient, is not an excuse. Get up, go to your polling place, and vote.

This past election shows me the abuses, mis-uses, and inefficiency of voting by mail. If you are not in the State, or you are on, or know you will be on, "the other side if the State", then by all means vote by mail/absentee. Otherwise, since the polls are open early and close late, get to your polling place, IN PERSON, and vote.

Maybe then we will not be in the mess we are in now.

Visit Michelle Malkin for a view if this mess. She has a post about the graduating accountants from Washington State University. It's a funny prank. Check out the rest of the links as well. Some good stuff here.

Signing Off. Until next time, I'll see ya on the Blog! drh.