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Friday, July 29, 2005

U.S. to Return 11 Army Bases to Germany

Well, it looks like BIG changes for the Army in Europe. 11 bases are scheduled to close under the scheduled return of the 1st Infantry Division to Fort Riley, Kansas in 2006. This includes the Division's subordinate units and selected units of V Corps and US Army Europe (USAEUR).

Along with the 11 bases closing, 2 others will close at a later date.

By the time all the dust settles, sometine in the future, there will be two full brigades stationed in Europe - a Stryker Brigade in Vilseck, Germany, and the 173rd Brigade in Italy. The number of U.S. troops will be half of what we see today.

The Department of Defense release is here.
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Having spent a few years stationed in Germany, I am familiar with the listed locations. With over 60,000 military personnel, 11,000 family members as well as DoD Civilian and local national employees, this will have a HUGE impact.