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Friday, April 29, 2005

Three Decades Pass Since Vietnam War

For many, this is a memory that will stay in our minds and hearts until we die. Memories of the time served in Vietnam. Memories of the people we met. Memories of the lives we touched. Memories of the lives, comrades, friends lost. Memories to the bitter end, when we had to leave, because there was no where safe to stay. Memories of those POW/MIA that have not been accounted for. Memories that continue to linger.

I really think I grew into an adult during my time in Vietnam. The distance from my Wife and Son, my Mother and Father, the reality that at any moment, I could be fatally shot, or injured, or captured. I was a medic. These threats were VERY real, and stood foremost in my mind while I went about the business of supporting my Unit, treating and dressing wounds, dispensing medications, treating a variety of illnesses and diseases with only a radio between me and the Doctor at Base Camp.

I know I came home a changed person. I remember watching the news on TV as Saigon fell. I remember the vivid pictures and video of the helicopter landing on the Embassy roof, loading the last of the passengers it could take, and flying off, never to return. I remember at the time of feeling betrayal, until I realized how close we were to actually losing more than we did.

These memories and more that I don't care to share, I keep. Now, tomorrow, and with the Lord willing, another 30 years.

WASHINGTON, April 29, 2005. Thirty years ago tomorrow, the last U.S. helicopter lifted off the roof of the U.S. Embassy in Saigon, South Vietnam, marking the official end of the Vietnam War.

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