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Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Explosions

I can't say much about the explosions in London this morning. There are too many others posting about it.

Among them:
Iraq War News
Espresso Roast

Not to mention the News Media:

The New York Times
After Coordinated Bombs, London Is Stunned, Bloodied and Stoic
British Officials Say They Had No Warning
U.S. Raises Threat Level for Mass Transit
The Scene: Typical Rush Hour Turns Into Chaos
G-8 Meeting's Focus Shifts to Terrorism

Fox News
Islamic Group Claims Attacks
- Blasts Have Stamp of Al Qaeda
- Transit Cams May Aid Probe
Chaos on, Below Streets
- Photos: Timeline of Attacks
G-8 Leaders Rally Behind Blair
Witnesses Describe Horror
- Photos: Blasts Rock London
U.S. Tightens Transit Security

All I can add is that my deepest and most sincere sympathies are with the British today. These attacks, as were the attacks here on 9/11/2001, are reprehensible and unconscionable. We stand by you in our thoughts and prayers. You will prevail.