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Saturday, May 28, 2005

On this Day

Saturday, May 28th
The 147th day of 2005
There are 217 days left in the year

Today's Highlights in History

On May 28, 1984, President Reagan led a state funeral at Arlington National Cemetery for an unidentified American soldier killed in the Vietnam War. (Go to article)

On May 28, 1888, Jim Thorpe, the accomplished all-around athlete, was born. Following his death on March 28, 1953, his obituary appeared in The Times. (Go to obituary Other Birthdays)

On May 28 1887, Harper's Weekly featured a cartoon about completion of the elevated railroad. (See the cartoon and read an explanation)

Reference: The New York Times

(The following Via Iraq War Today)

Today in History

1349 - In Breslau Silesia, sixty Jews are murdered.
1539 - Hernando de Soto lands in Florida.
1674 - German Parliament declares war on France.
1754 - George Washington defeats the French and Indians at Fort Duquesne (PA).
1774 - The first Continental Congress convenes in Virginia.
1830 - Congress authorizes Indian removal from all states to the western prairie.
1851 - Sojourner Truth attends the Women's Rights Convention.
1863 - The 54th Massachusetts, the first black regiment leaves Boston to fight in the Civil War.
1919 - Armenia declares its independence
1923 - The Attorney General says it is legal for women to wear trousers anywhere.
1940 - Belgium surrenders to Germany; King Leopold III gives himself up; British-French troops capture Narvik, Norway
1942 - 1,800 Czechoslovakians are murdered by the Nazis during their attack on Heydrich.
1959 - Monkeys Able & Baker become the first animals retrieved from a space mission, after soaring 300 miles into space in a Jupiter missile.
1961 - After nearly eightly years, theOrient Express makes its last trip (Paris to Bucharest) .
1964 - The Palestine National Congress forms the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) in Jerusalem.
1971 - The first spacecraft to soft-land on Mars, the USSR's Mars 3, is launched.
1974 - Italians fascists bomb demonstrators in Brescia, killing 6.
1975 - Soyuz 18 launches.
1985 - David Jacobsen is taken hostage in Beirut, Lebanon.
1987 - The Civil War Ironclad Monitor is discovered by a deep sea robot
1991 - Ethiopian rebels seize Addis Ababa
1997 - Linda Finch completes the around-the-world flight Amelia Earhart failed to finish.

1371 - John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy/warrior
1660 - King George I of England
1738 - Dr. Joseph Ignace Guillotin, French physician/inventor (guillotine)
1759 - William Pitt the Younger, English PM
1818 - Confederate General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard St-Bernard known by Confederates as the Hero of Sumter
1819 - Union Brevet Major General William Birney
1828 - Confederate Brigadier General Alpheus Baker
1830 - Union Major General George Lucas Hartsuff
1831 - Eliza Ann Gardner, underground railway conductor
1838 - Confederate Bridadier General Basil Wilson Duke
1914 - W. G. G. Duncan-Smith, fighter pilot
1940 - Thomas E Petri (Representative-WI)
1944 - Rudy Giuliani (Mayor-NYC)
1957 - Walter R Tucker (Representative-CA)

1259 - King Christoffel I of Denmark
1357 - King Afonso IV of Portugal
1863 - Union Brigadier General Edmund Kirby, Jr., of injuries
1864 - Union Brigadier Henry H. Giesy, in battle
1972 - Duke of Windsor, who abdicated British throne
1972 - King Edward VIII of Great Britain / Northern Ireland

Reported Missing in Action

Hill, Joseph A., USMC (IL)
Ingvalson, Roger D., USAF (MN); Released by DRV March, 1973 - alive and well 1998
Chavira, Stephen, US Army (CA)
Urquhart, Paul D., US Army (PA)