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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Where have you visited/lived?

Having spent almost 30 years in the Army, I have had ample opportunity to visit many places in our great country and some wonderful locales in Europe and Asia.

This map is a visual representation of the States that Cauleen and I have visited. Understand, each of these states represents at least 1 day in that state. Many of those visited were just driving through to another place, but we have visited many places in each, sometimes more than once. Many states were visited due to Military commitments and we have lived in Missouri, Texas, California, Washington (the State), and Hawaii (by default as this is where Cauleen is from).

You can create your own visited states map by clicking the link.

Below, is a visual representation of those countries we have either visited or lived in due, once again, to my Miltary service. Cauleen was with me for all of the European contries and Mexico. The rest of Central America, Vietnam, and the Phillipines were again due to Military assignments.

You can create your own visited countries map by clicking the link.

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